'Between the Sheets'

Renee Proctor and Fred Renner, former owners of the Pepper, narrate countless tales of their time in St John Island.
A good book is only second to being there, whether it is to remind you of good times past, or to prepare you for adventures that lie ahead.

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'Adrift on a Sea of Blue Light'

Author, columnist, boat builder, sailor, world traveler and family man, Peter Muilenburg is living proof that an ivy-league education doesn't necessarily lead to manning another office desk in a crowded city. After arriving in the Virgin Islands 50 years ago, he and his wife Dorothy remained to build boats, found a local school, raise two sons and to sail throughout the Caribbean, as well as the Mediterranean Sea and the African coastline.

Peter's passion for the sea, the stars, the boat, his family and the island themselves, shines through every richly described true tale.
The Timely insights and the intensity of his experiences are mirrored in his sensuous prose, his ear for dialogue and his talent for transporting the reader to the place and time of his Caribbean past.

'Adrift on a Sea of Blue Light' is available atAmazon.com


A Sea Dog's Tale: The True Story of a Small Dog on a Big Ocean

Another wonderful novel by Peter Muilenburg

'A Sea Dog's Tale' is available at Amazon.com